I’ve been living with Mark and Nicole (brother/sister-in-law) for a while now.  Jerry and I moved up here from Miami late in April planning to stay here temporarily while we found a home to welcome babycakes into. This process was disappointing and took much longer than I expected. I looked at numerous amounts of rentals thinking this would be the best option because I wasn’t sure what would happen in the future and if Lake Worth, FL was somewhere I really wanted to call my home long term. Nothing seemed to really pan out. 
I’m not really sure how it all happened but one day my dad and I found a house we both liked for sale (a short sale) and he put an offer on it immediately for me. This was almost 2.5/3 months ago. A few weeks ago the bank came back and asked for more money. As much as I wanted and loved the house there is no possible way I could really ask my dad to put any more money into a house for me. What reasons did he have to do so? None. He’s already done so much…. everyone has for me. At this point I really had (&have) to take what I can get. At this point nothing could make me cry, except this house. I felt guilty for my baby. I felt like I had nothing solid to offer her (other than my love and my family’s love), and now, even the house I thought would be perfect seemed to disappear in front of me. 

My dad put a counter-offer on the house. I sat here with crossed fingers and toes since then…. until today. The realtor called and the house was a definite “NO”.  I sat in shock for about 2 minutes. No tears, no crying, just thinking: “Okay time to move forward”. Being in the middle and waiting is always a million times worse for me than dealing with the good or bad. It was time to search for rentals again. Luckily, I had started my rental hunt again yesterday and found a house that seemed like it would work.  The PROs definitely outweighed the CONs. There was a list of things I required in any place I lived and this had all but one.
Things I required from a home:
-Private outdoor space: I needed a yard I could let Jerry go run and do his business in at night. I can’t leave the baby to sleep in an empty apartment while I walk Jerry. &giving up Jerry is out of the question.
-First floor: Baby + Jerry + small/not very strong girl +stairs = yeah right.
-Washer/dryer: obvious
-Spacious kitchen: cooking is such a large part of my life. The more space the better.
-Central AC: South Florida summers, enough said.
-Safe location
CONs: This rental had everything but the spacious kitchen. The other cons were that it was just a small house in general, there was a full size shower, but no tub, and the baby’s room is small. 
I can deal with a small kitchen. Would I prefer a larger one? Absolutely, but tough. As far as overall size: I’m a small girl, Jerry is tiny, and the baby will be even smaller. Not only that, but I’m extremely tidy an organized. I can make small spaces work. Tub? Oh well. The baby will be bathing in a baby tub anyway. Small baby’s room? She’s pretty much going to be attached to my hip (or boob) at all times anyway and will be sleeping in my room for the first few months… It really should be fine.
PROs: All required items listed above^ (minus the kitchen). Plus: Large private deck. Not only is there a fenced in courtyard for Jerry to use, but I also have a very private personal fenced in deck. Also, Location! Not only is it a safe area, but I’m one block from the main Avenue here in Lake Worth where all the shops and restaurants are located. I’m also about a mile and a half from the beach. 
WIthin an hour of finding out about the loss of the short sale I was on the phone with the landlord of this new place arranging a time to sign the lease! I’m able to move in August 9th. I should be settled and ready to go in a few short weeks and then it is time to play the waiting game for babycakes arrival. 
I can’t wait to hang this little dress along with all her other tiny cute dresses. I am going to put all the love I can into this tiny place in order to really call it a home for her. I have to. I really have to make the best of what I have. Even though I don’t have a lot of physical things or money to put in front of her, I have all the love in the world to give her. I have the most amazing  and supportive family who has helped me get through the hardest of times and will also be there for her. Maybe everything (or anything) hasn’t really worked out how I wanted or hoped it would, but regardless, I’m a lucky girl. Despite all the bad things and roadblocks I’ve encountered, I’ve made it this far, and I must say, I think I’ve done better and been stronger than I ever imagined I could be.

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  1. Anonymous

    You amaze me and I love you. This blog (other than the fact you called Christine your best friend) is amazing. I even voted for it haha. xo