It’s a little bit crazy to think how time goes by. This pregnancy feels as if it has flown by, but at the same time, if I look back, I’m amazed by how long its really been. 31 weeks is almost over. 32 weeks is just around the corner. I started making my hospital check list today and putting together some the post birth baby things I might need. I know it’s a bit early, but I really wouldn’t be surprised if she makes her entrance into this world sooner rather than later. I would really prefer if she gives me another 3 to 4 weeks (at the very least). I can’t move into my little home for another week and I’m going to want to organize the crap out of it and have everything ready for her. 
Sometimes I get asked if I’m doing a kick count throughout the day. I always laugh. She moves so much it is ridiculously out of hand. I would have to count non movement time over kick time. I wonder if other people poke at their babies as much as I do. I also think about the fact that in a few weeks she will be out in the world and she will feel happy, annoyed, hungry, cold, hot, or sleepy. Shes going to show all these emotions through tears, screaming, little smiles, and so much more. I wonder if she can feel any of those things now. I wonder if when i press down on her or poke her little butt if she’s wondering “what is this now?”.
I am without a doubt going to take it easy this week. Maybe if I stop rushing she will too. 

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