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Last week was far to hectic for any sort of picture taking effort. Other then me realizing how big my stomach has truly gotten, there hasn’t been much going on this week on the baby front. She’s still a strong little girl…. impressively strong. At this stage it’s hard for me to really notice any growth when looking down… it looks the same as before… LARGE. I don’t have a full length mirror or really any mirror in my house other than the bathroom one so it really catches me by surprise when I walk by a full length mirror or see any pictures of myself. I have my first birthing class tomorrow with my doula. There are only two classes, each 6 hours long. Esh. Only a few more weeks until her arrival!
I have no idea what is going on with my house situation. It’s pretty much up up in the air again. Surprise Surprise. It seems like I’m always playing the unsure waiting game, but at least this time I have my apartment to stay in. I started organizing and unpacking her things, incase the house doesn’t come through. But I am in no way going to paint or set up anything until I know for sure where I will be. 
Well it’s time to start my saturday! Have a good weekend!

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