I have definitely slowed down this week. In activity, in walking speed, in eating amounts. Slow slow slow. I now visit the doctor/midwife office once a week. I have the second part of my birthing class tomorrow. I’m happy to do it, but not very motivated right now, maybe because of how tired I am. YAWN. I also gained 3 pounds this week! I don’t feel it, or see it, but the scale doesn’t lie. I’m not really sure if I am supposed to go by my pre pregnancy weight or what, but since my first visit at the doctors I’ve gained about 22 pounds. I think? I’m not even sure. I lost a lot of weight in the beginning with morning sickness and stress, but I’ve gained it all back +15 or so. I cant believe how fast time has gone by. Everyone always said I would be dying towards the end hoping she would come out, &days have definetly gotten more uncomfortable, especially with this Florida heat and humidity, but I’m still sticking to what I said “I want her in there as long as possible”. The house is up in the air again because I obviously have the worst realtor EVER. But that means, it might be time to give in and start decorating her room! I’m going to start working on re-doing a an older dresser for her. 
Well, sleep time for this girl. Night<3

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