I want to scream “help” right now… or maybe I just want to scream. I still haven’t been able to cook in the kitchen. Pest control was supposed to be here two hours ago. Nothing. Pregnancy + hunger = does not work. I just want to feel at home…. sharing your house with roaches is very unnerving and not comforting. HELP.

Not just with the roaches, but in general I relate to this song a lot right now. I’m stubborn and hate asking for help or needing things. As time has gone by I’ve had to let go of that stubbornness– especially with this pregnancy. As much as I want to do everything alone, I cant. I just have to suck it up, put my stubbornness aside, and accept the help that is offered to me.

Will someone come help me with these roaches now? I should get a cat.

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