Sunday was filled with a ridiculously amount of dish washing and trash pick up. Even Jerry was filthy and covered in grime. I spent a few hours at Eric’s helping to clean up (being a clean up slave) and then left to work on my own apartment to-do list.

I tidied up my apartment and put the final coat of white paint on the baby’s dresser. (I think I’ve said it before but incase I haven’t… I bought earth friendly, no odor/fumes, no VOC paint to be cautious for babycakes). I only had the detail work left to do on the dresser, buttttttt when a visitor showed up at my door Jerry got excited, grabbed a tennis ball in his mouth, and ran across the dresser doors. So I have to sand down the doors and repaint them before adding any detail to the dresser. After the dresser I moved into babycake’s room to re-paint her walls, since the walls were a dust covered white. I kept 3 walls white (the same white as the dresser) and on the last wall I mixed the white in with the green from her highchair.. this green wall is where I’m planning on putting her crib. I also took down the blinds, took down the window screens, and washed the windows. It’s slowly (but nicely) coming along 🙂
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Today (Monday) was such a lazy day. Jerry and I couldn’t (or didn’t) get out of bed until about 12:30. We caught up on design, food blogs, and Mad Men on the internet. My brain has been only half on the whole day. I snacked on a few meals and then made myself a bunch of green juice…. I later broke the glass. Good job. I only accomplished one thing out of the many things I wanted to get done today, which is cleaning the blinds. Whoever lived here before me did not know how to dust. Gross. I did also managed to make a pasta dish that I used to make years ago. It’s so simple and delicious. I would make it weekly, I’m not sue why I stopped. I’m glad my abundance of greens inspired me to make it today 🙂
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  1. As you can imagine, my situation makes things a little bit complicated. But I do plan on doing an 'Eric' post in the future 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    hii i like your blog and have read it a few times (found it on top baby). Is this eric person your boyfriend? Just curious!