I finally started feeling better yesterday and ran to the market to grab a quick item to bring someone for lunch…. while driving to their work I got pulled over for speeding. I told the cop I was speeding home because I started having contractions in the supermarket. He seemed a bit flustered and let me go. Amazing, I know… and it helps that I wasn’t REALY lying, since I was in the middle of some pretty intense braxton hicks.

Even though I wasn’t actually heading home, I went there JUST IN CASE and sat on my couch for about 15 minutes until I thought it was safe to head out again and deliver lunch. Not surprisingly, I feel pretty guilty still. Guilt always takes over! Oh well, lesson learned… No matter how hot and bothered you are do not try do not speed to get anywhere! Cops frown on it.

I seem to be having a flea problem in my home. Yep, if its not roaches, its fleas. Jerry isn’t even here yet… he’s still at my brothers and I am still finding little jumping bugs here and there! Oy vey. I’m gonna do a pretty intense cleaning/mopping to see if it helps, but does anyone else have any recommendations besides bombing the place twice? I defiantly need this place flea free before baby time!

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