I made a matching mother/daughter apron set today. Not for me &my babycakes, but for someone else and hers. I haven’t been in the mood to sew much lately, but it needed to get done… and I probably wont be sewing for a while with my move coming up this weekend…. so I guess it worked out. My machine was being difficult today and since I really have no idea what I’m doing as far as the mechanics of a sewing machine it was pretty frustrating. I really should take some sort of beginners course. But I get the job done nonetheless….. or my machine does? Either way, cute things have been made.
Here are a few other things I’ve made during my pregnancy:
(Keep in mind, I am not by any means a seamstress &I only received my machine this past March &I  didn’t even really have it  set up until May)

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Anybody else want things? I wont be making anything now… but definitely in the near future 🙂  I just have to set up my house first (make curtains and things) and have a baby!