Pregnancy brings up the most random side effects. Fatigue and discomfort is here everyday now, but I have been pretty lucky to have a pretty easy pregnancy with few side effects. The side effects I have had have been pretty small and relatively insignificant. I have gotten a few random side effects that are purely cosmetic issues and make me more curious than anything. Skin tags, little red dots, a very slight linea negra, and worst of all (and the most noticeable too), a mustache line! I don’t have any extra hair on my upper lip, believe me, I tried to shave it and everything! But there is always a a dark line that resembles a mustache. It gets worse with sunlight exposure and can be seen from a fair distance away, and it doesn’t get easily covered with make up. I’m not sure if this is really what is considered “the mask of pregnancy”, because I haven’t gotten dark spots anywhere else, but I don’t know what else to call it. Maybe they can make a new side effect name for me: “Drea’s mustache”. Maybe not. Hopefully it fades after pregnancy, because having a mustache you can’t shave doesn’t seem like the prettiest thing to own. If you can’t change it, accept it. 😉
See for yourself:


  1. forget it…i'm reading your post on 'freedom from the tash'
    it's horrible, right? i can't even really talk about it … but i will.
    (nevermind publishing this!)

  2. that's exactly what I have ! did it disappear? did you do something about it? thaaaaanks & best. xx