I was having a few new pains this weekend that really scared me. I was nervous to even mention them at all. It seemed as if I was dilating and I feared babycakes was trying to make her entrance into the world this week. Knowing I had a doctor appointment tuesday I didn’t panic…. I figured she’s still active and I’m not bleeding so there is no reason to overreact. I checked out clear at the visit and the pains have passed now. I’m not ready yet, but apparently neither is she because she has stayed nice and put. 
I reached the third trimester a few weeks ago, but these past few days I actually feel like I’m in it. Well, really, only because sleeping is more difficult and any extra fatigue wears down on me. I’m really doing my best to take it easy right now. It can be pretty difficult though. I’ve been craving a bike ride (actually– a tricycle ride– I never learned how to ride a bike), but even walks seem more difficult and more like a heavy breathing waddle. And after the random pains I’m extra cautious to do anything strenuous.

(Yes, this is me and Jerry. 24 weeks of babycake in my belly)
The past two days she has rotated her body into a position that doesn’t sit well inside of me. I try to tell her she is facing the wrong way, but she doesn’t listen. Ha. She tries to stretch horizontally pushing her head all the way to the left and her limbs to the right. Crazy little girl. Also, she has had the hiccups twice this week. I’ve only noticed them once before, a long long time ago (or so it seems) and I was hoping she would get them at least one more time. When she had them tonight I could find exactly where her little head was and place my hand on top of her to feel each hiccup. It’s ridiculously cute and I’m so happy to experience every moment of it. 
I should mention, I’m pretty set on a name. I think. Ha. I don’t want to make it 100% until I meet her, but it’s really sticking and I don’t have any other names in mind at this point, nor am I trying to think of any.  

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