A post of some cute purchases I made yesterday for babycakes….
I’ve been into Anthropolgie about 3 times this month which is very unlike me. I actually HATE shopping… but I’ve stopped in to oogle at the Color Me Book coloring book I have been lusting after and to check for nice hardware on sale for a dresser Im putting together for babycakes. On the third time in… I did it… I justifyed a good enough reason to spend 20 dollars on a coloring book… wall art for the nursery. I finally starting to decorate my apartment a bit and I realized I’m lacking a fair amount of wall art I would like to put in her room.

I also purchased this three demensional Totem Tree By Kidsonroof 🙂 I’m not sure where Im going to put it, but I cant wait to put it together! I might try to get crafty with it and put it together flat for a wall… but I did have another idea for a tree I started making months ago so we’ll see.

Edit: I got a phone call from my dad during glucose testing with word on the house… I didn’t get it.. AGAIN. Like I said, worst realtor EVER. I’m really not that upset… or even upset at all? I usually believe everything happens for a reason, and maybe there is a reason for this. Maybe something even better will be in my future now 🙂
Also my little insecurity moment that happened yesterday has seemed to pass. I’m feeling quite a bit more optimistic today… even after word of the house. 

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