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1. Action starts about 20/25 seconds. 
2. Action starts about 30 seconds.
(There’s not much action in the initial big one, so don’t feel like you should have to watch the rest of the video. Number two is better.)
Well, this may not freak other moms out, but it certainly would have freaked me out before. I had no idea you could actually see your belly moving while they are flopping and kicking around in there during pregnancy. I have a lot of these videos and I usually keep them private, but I figured maybe other people who were on my “i had no idea that was possible” boat would like to watch. 
In other news: I talked to my new landlord today and she is incredibly nice. I told her about my early labor concerns and she said I can move into the house earlier then planned. Not only that, but she decided to re-tile the whole bathroom floor for me just because of one cracked tile! Win 🙂

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  1. ok i have yet to get a vid of this and my time is precious. doing it today. this made me emotional. see? im a nutcase.

  2. ok – so i was freaked out a bit. then i smiled because i can't wait to have a baby and have all these cool experiences too.