My waddle is practically a limp tonight from being on my feet too long. I’m 90% done with babycake’s curtains. I never want to make curtains again. Being on my feet for all that ironing and hemming was terrible. I normally like tedious things, but this was just annoying. To all my friends I said I would make curtains for: I lied.Jerry got a bath today (he’s been getting them frequently lately). He’s not a big fan of the water part, but he stands there like a champ. I love seeing him after a bath– it’s my favorite. He loves being all wrapped up in a fresh towel and dried off. He acts just like a little puppy. I love this feeling too… nothing better than being clean after a long day and cuddled up in my bed. If I had the energy to be on my feet right now I would take another shower, unfortunately I don’t.

I also had a million other tasks to accomplish today. I made rice, no big deal right? For me it is. I grew up with my mom making rice every single day of my life. I’ve always been to scared to do it and settled on making couscous, but I actually attempted rice today….. and it was good! And some indian tofu dish which wasn’t as delicious or spicy as I had anticipated. I cooked Jerry lentils…. Yes, I sometimes cook for my dog. His skin gets very dry and irritated and I’ve noticed lentils help keep his skin and coat very soft. Also, I don’t have the article to prove it, but I once read that the longest living dog recorded had a vegan diet of rice and lentils. I also drove around town with a friend searching for a new rental… hopefully she finds a place near me. I attempted to clean the bathroom, but failed. I organized my closet a little bit more. I also did 3 small loads of laundry, and yes, I folded and put away every single one.  I also cleaned the kitchen and dishes after dinner… only to make it even messier half an hour later to make cookies…. and clean it again. I admit, I should have just rested, and I went a bit overboard adding cookies to my agenda, but man, they are delicious.
 I am pooped, but if I don’t get things done, no one will. And besides, doing nothing sucks. I hate feeling like an unproductive human being, its depressing. The good news is my mom arrives in 10 days… or 9? Either way, I need the help. I can’t wait. I really can’t wait.

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