I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time to post. I plan on doing a proper post tonight or tomorrow though… maybe both to make up for the few day gap 🙂

But until then… here are two craft projects I’ve accomplished lately:

Part of Eric’s birthday gift. (I also got him a bacon tuxedo puzzle and a “Man Craft” book). I can’t take full credit on this Spock pillow…. I had to do some googling to come up with it. I saw the silhouette used for another crafting project and decided to try to replicate it on a pillow. It worked out pretty well considering I honestly know nothing about Star Trek. Growing up I would make fun of my dad for watching it and now I’m making Star Trek pillows… who would have thought? 
(click images to enlarge)

Mixed media little painting for babycake’s room. My original idea was a much grander larger scale almost life size tree I wanted to make… but do to my lack of work space (and now time) I figured this little art piece would work for now. In the near future I still hope to craft a giant tree to use.
Today has also been a craft day. I’m at Eric’s while he builds me a desk…. Yes, BUILDS ME A DESK. Awesome… amazing… awesome. We made a trip down to Ikea so I could get the pieces to put together a workspace, but they were out of stock on the legs I wanted, and they discontinued the 72″ board I wanted. Bah. I know I could buy a desk anywhere, but I’m pretty set on a certain idea I have for the desk.. especially when it comes to size, so building a desk was the next option. It’s coming out amazing. Yesterday it was just a sheet of ply wood, a few 2×4’s, two metal sawhorse pieces, and today… its incredible. I wish I could build  like Eric can. I’m so jealous, but so happy about it!

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  1. both of those are ah-mazing! i am over here totally jealousing (just made up that word) over your talent! go you!