Wednesday was supposed to be grilling day but then Mark mentioned pizza… and pizza won. There is a place down the street which is absolutely incredible. It’s not the most vegan friendly place, but for me this is exactly the type of place I want to support regardless. Pizzeria Oceano changes their menu daily to offer only what is fresh from the farm.  So yeah, I may not eat 99% of their menu or be able to drink their delicious beer at the moment but I totally appreciate what they’re doing. Especially since the past two times I went they had a panzanella to offer… and since my favorite thing ever is bread with tomatoes this is a huge win for me.
I had a lot of cramping this night and thought this might be my last meal before Babycakes arrival… it wasn’t.
Not my crust. Mine ended up in my belly, obviously.
Thursday my mom and step pops came by to help with some last minute apartment details. Car seat installation, extra security chains on doors, shelves on walls (lucky me to only need help with this. All the other walls had nails up already, for my art. Party on, last tenant), and spray paint on found furniture.
Measuring for my bulletin board.
Jerry helped…… uh, nope.
My little workstation.
This morning Mindy (my doula) took some pregnancy photos for me. I don’t know how well they turned out. I’m a bit nervous, but either way I’ve been taking my own week to week so it doesn’t matter that much.
It shouldn’t be much longer until her arrival. My last minute plans are:  (maybe) making and freezing meals tonight for post baby time. Hopefully organizing her clothes and changing table. I would like also like to find a place to buy one more baby sling since the one I got handed down to me is black and south Florida heat + black + white Jerry = awful combination of things. I figured maybe tomorrow after delicious vegan brunch would be good time to go into labor 🙂


Oh and by the way! I figured out this crochet thing! I think? For the most part anyway….

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