My mom has arrived!

And now I feel more busy than ever. I originally thought, “YES RELAXATION HERE I COME!”… but I should have known better.  I know, if I told her, “I need a break, just let me sit” she would let me and and takeover to help out in any way she can (like the wonderful mother she is), but when I see someone else go go go it makes me more apt to be like “YES. Lets go!”. She came in saturday and I cleaned my house and cooked food and kept thinking to myself, “I’m due in 10 days I really should be sitting”… but I never feel like I can just sit. I can’t be one of those people who does things slowly to spend a large amount of time on one tasks that can take half the amount of time.


We had a little family bbq at my brothers, it was nice. My mom, my step-dad (Carlos), and I all wore black and all left covered in white Jerry hair.
Sunday my mom and I took care of some necessary pre-baby errands, and some not so necessary errands  (like buying furnishings for my apartment). I don’t like shopping, or buying a lot of things in generally (except on whole foods trips), but my mom loves to make people and places look nice. Constantly trying to buy one or two things to brighten up my or Nicole’s home… I’ve learned to not fight it any more and accept it, and really almost enjoy it, because I know she is making my house more cozy for my little one(s). My apartment is looking even more bright now, I really enjoy it. I just don’t want a lot more things. Things take up space, move out of place, and need to be cleaned.  I need to start taking photos of my place soon 🙂
Oh! And Saturday night, after my mom left I decided (try) to teach myself how to crochet. I don’t know if I should call it a success, or a failure, or what. Maybe just “a nice try”. I found it very difficult trying to figure it out, maybe because I’m a lefty? I’m not sure. I kept feeling like the yarn was slipping over the stick thing. Also, I need to figure out how to turn the work and how many chains I’m supposed to add or whatever. I doubt I’ll have much time anymore to do it, but hopefully.
First time attempt.. after about an hour of trying.
So many things planned for this week before the baby. Hopefully some picture worthy events, throw in with groceries, baby shopping, hardware store errands, and life cleaning.

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