I missed my 36 week photos. I’ve been so busy and tired. I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus and the bus left a moving tire inside my stomach. People are surprised by how big and how low my stomach is this week. It really just doesn’t seem possible to have such a big stomach on my small framed body, but apparently anything is possible.

I woke up around 5 or 6 this morning not able to sleep. I have to wake up to relieve my bladder about 6 times a night. PARTY. I just took my second nap this week, which I NEVER do. I woke up with a dream about fabric and pillows. I think this is partially due to the mess I slept next to, on my bed and on my desk.

Ooh la la. ha ha.
My body and brain are battling right now about getting this done. My brain is going nuts with the unorganized mess, but body wont let me get up. I need to take lessons from Jerry. Its okay to go nuts and obsess over somethings…. sometimes… but its best to sleep as much as possible. Jerry is getting bigger too. Ugh. His walks have shortened and he’s been sneaking food. 
After my very tiring Ikea, Whole Foods, Home Depot, cooking saturday I attempted to take it easy on Sunday. Sunday evening Nicole came by. We went to World Market which was having a storewide going out of business sale. I picked up some new cups, animal shaped pasta, and new vegetable bowls! I always kept my produce in a in basket on the counter, but the thought of bugs always creeped me out. I definitely found a cute solution: outdoor table fly protector bowls!
Nicole and I then put together the lovely tree I bought. It was confusing at first since we didn’t notice the directions that came on the back of the box….. We finally figured it out and it came out awesome. I noticed the directions the next day. Win. It was great seeing Nicole. Since school started she has been busy busy busy.

Labor Day was filled with rain and my friend Danielle. We went to Goodwill where I bought a few frames to paint and fill. We also made a few other stops and then came back to my house for coloring time. She’s the only one I trusted to color with me 🙂

I love my new desk. (THANK YOU ERIC!) I really can’t wait to have it all set up… hopefully today? I need to have as much space as possible on it. I remember in college I would find the biggest desk possible (that was just small enough to be appropriate for one person to not feel required to share) and while I studied I would have everything spaced out, lined up, and very symmetrical. As soon as everything is organized, it’s: project curtains for babycakes… 
and a big bowl of strawberries and vegan whip cream. YES.
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  1. I know this is an old post, but where did you get those awesome fly-protector bowls?? They rock! I just tried looking online, but can't seem to find any!