Last night while updating about ‘hat scraps’ Eric came by with a slice of pumpkin cheesecake for me. I wanted to blog about it, but I just dug into instead. This is what remained… until I finished it off this morning… topped with whip-cream. Having a vegan restaurant down the street is nice and having Eric deliver to me is even nicer.

After Eric left I decided to finally re-pack my hospital bag that I packed months ago… which was smart because the clothes I packed and thought would fit, definitely don’t.  Ha. Around midnight I decided I would make a simple bag to put all of Babycakes hospital things in so they don’t get separated and lost.
Problem is: I didn’t measure, or use a pattern, or plan in advance at all. I just got fabric, eyeballed some pieces, and started cutting and sewing. This left me with a cute bag, but without a proper closure for the top. I think I might throw some snaps on the top and sew velcro in the fold. Who knows.
If it weren’t for the fact that I almost never plan or know what I’m doing I’m sure I would try to post a bunch more tutorials (or any tutorials in general). But the truth is if I try to really plan and measure my OCD takes over and I become the perfectionist from hell. It’s much easier for me to relax, wing things, and figure them out along the way… that way things wont seem so bad if I slip up a little and I wont obsess. Well, honestly, I’ll still obsess, just about other details instead. This is how I am about most craft projects, cooking, and games. Its easier for me to not follow recipes, hence me not baking. It’s easier for me to say I don’t like games, instead of playing and getting overly competitive. I’m at one extreme or the other. But this end seems to work a lot better and I’m sure it will be better for my little one too.
But I swear, I will try to work on this, for my sanity’s sake. & I will do my best to maybe plan some more recipes and tutorials.
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