I should keep notes on what I actually do on the weekends, because by the time Monday comes I can’t remember a thing except for events I’ve taken pictures of. Dear Brain, I miss you. Saturday I took it easy all morning. Eric and I had some afternoon fun planned, but if I’m going to leave my house at all I have to rest up first.Sidenote:
Okay, well, let me start with my vegan cheating. I’m normally a pretty strict vegan and I only cheat with minimal amounts of honey if it happens to be in bread or something… but I decided that during this pregnancy I would give in to cravings if I had them. AKA. Baby gets what baby wants. Well, I the first non vegan thing I had during pregnancy is a croissant. It is absolutely impossible to find a vegan version. I was starving and I saw it and I had it. The next thing I had was two slices of pizza. I threw up the next day and have not cheated at all since then. Well knowing that my pregnancy is almost up and I’m not allowing any room for cheating when the baby comes out it was time to get another croissant….

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Saturday afternoon we ventured to downtown West Palm to a french restaurant. I ordered a salad and my croissant. It was good, but I don’t know what I was thinking with the salad… I’m not a salad girl. The restuarant left me wanting more bread so we headed to the french bakery a few blocks from Eric’s house so I could pick up a loaf 🙂
non vegan delicious looking goodies at the bakery.

After wards we came back to my place and relaxed. Steve came by not to long after, along with Eric’s mom, Heidi and her friend Karen. We had 4 tiny dogs in my little house. All of them had their quirks… they were the most crazy/weirdest dogs I have ever met (this includes Jerry). We walked a whole block over (ha) for the BBQ and Bling festival that was taking place. Unfortunately it was starting to close down by the time we got there. Instead of spending time in the heat I went straight into the record store to hang out with the owner/my friend John. He gave me (my Babycake’s) the most beautiful record I’ve EVER seen. I LOVE it. I need to get a record frame this week to display it in her room <3 <3

Sunday my step mom and my little brother came by to see the work I’ve done on my place. We also went to lunch which was nice. I love my little brother. Chris refuses to go to eat at the vegan place I go to, but tells me how amazing everything I cook is…. which happens to all be vegan. I don’t get it, but  I love it all the same. I also finally finished my curtains! Finalllyyyy.

1. Little friends Eric bought for Babycakes hanging out on the window.
2. So many handmade things. Freshly made curtains, mobile I made months ago, veggie dyed teddy-bears I did in March for a school project, and an amazing floral blanket made by Heidi  🙂 Wonderful!
Today I plan on repacking my hospital bag and cleaning the hand-me-down stroller/car seat I received from Christine and Jordan 🙂 And I’ll be attempting to make a record pillow for John (or as he calls himself when he leaves me voicemail’s: “The Record Store Man”). We’ll see how it goes 🙂
PS. I made cookie dough balls for cookie dough ice cream making…. This is harder than it seems because every other one I popped into my mouth. I don’t know if ice cream will ever happen.


  1. I'm SO envious of the record. Your blog is very inspiring! Have a groovy time with your new baby… sometimes I praise my single mom friends for all their hard work and can't imagine how they do it alone– but most other times, I think: damn! being a mommy is such a natural & easy thing to do! Now I get so excited for bed-time so I can go snuggle with my baby girl, and fall asleep with her in my arms. Such bliss.

  2. Love your nursery, especially all of the handmade stuff!!

    Don't mean to be a poop, but just wanted to warn you about placing the crib so close to the window … the blinds in particular. They're a huge hazard, and lead to choking incidents all the time. It happened to a good friend of mine. Maybe you could swap them out for a light-blocking shade? We got ours at home depot for about ten bucks.

    I don't usually leave comments like this! It's the mom in me. 🙂

  3. You started this entry with "I always food like" and I'm pretty sure you meant "I always FEEL like", but I think for you, "food like" makes a lot of sense and you should start using it if you aren't already.