Let me start off by addressing my recent post about her father. Everything I wrote was very honest and from the heart but even if it is all true I still feel a bit of guilt. Even though I can state “I won”, it doesn’t mean I feel satisfaction about his loss. I know he chose his own path and is living with the outcomes of his actions, but I can’t imagine the way he feels. Neither one of us can change the past (trust me, I would love to not have experienced a fair amount of this past year), but I do hope the future gets better. We can call visiting his daughter a ‘very small starting point’ for him to move forward from. Maybe this is selfish of me, but I would prefer that he gains a better relationship with our daughter (if he wants it) so that I can feel less guilt for him. And like I said before, if he is going to benefit Marlowe then having him in her life would be a good thing.
Now onto the post: Marlowe had her first picnic/trip to the park last Saturday. The weather was perfect this weekend. Marlowe slept comfortably in the shade the whole time while Mama and Eric munched on fruits and sandwiches and enjoyed an adult beverage. (My first adult beverage in a very long time!)
Saturday was busy. My mom and step-pops stopped by early morning to drop off my car. Afterwards Marlowes father came by for a few hours to visit. After he left Eric came by for our afternoon picnic plan. We originally planned to bring both our dogs, but I was a bit overwhelmed with a little two week old and two crazy dogs so the pups stayed home. After the park we stopped by Eric’s parents house and then headed out to dinner since both of us were exhausted and didn’t want to cook. It was a good day, it’s just difficult for me when I’m not used to actually ever being tired. Also I’ve learned busy days end up being sleepless nights.
Marlowe wore a lot of adorable little dresses this weekend. All from the amazing package Sara had sent me from Sweden. I love them all. I’m so happy Marlowe has been gaining weight and filling out to wear these little outfits! 🙂
Marlowe with the (apparently oversized) carrot rattle I made her.
I can’t believe how much she has changed already! Two weeks old and so much more responsive and awake. These two weeks have gone by so slow and so fast. I feel like she is much older than she actually is and I constantly have to remind myself she is only 2 weeks! 2 weeeeeks! 


  1. dude tell me you weren't dippling fruit in hummus. also, I love the dress Marlowe's wearing in the carrot pics.

  2. she has quite the little wardrobe going on already. love her little dresses.
    i used to not be a talker but have turned into one.
    when Lily was in the belly i would talk to her a bit but once she was out, i found myself telling her everything that was going on and what i/we were doing. it's paid off. she's quite smart for 11 months. talk to Marlowe as much as you can.
    also, too much stimulation during the day will end up in not so good nights. they're little brains are restless.