Marlowe, Eric, my brother, sister in law, and I all went to my moms condo for dinner yesterday. She cooked paella for everyone and a special vegan paella for me. Yes, she loves me and cooked meΒ (and technically Marlowe) a separate meal πŸ™‚ I was pretty nervous I wouldn’t like it because I’m not normally a fan of Β rice and veggies combos, but it was pretty delicious.

While there we planned the first adult outing I would have where Grandma (Abuela) would be babysitting Marlowe. I’m pretty excited. I haven’t gone out in maybe 11 months or so. I tried to go out once in the beginning of my pregnancy (not knowing I was pregnant) and her father and I made it as far as the first bar where I had a cup of coffee and asked to be taken home. I’m pretty nervous about having a few drinks, its been a long time and I really don’t care to get sick. I’ll be taking it very very slow… even if it is Oktoberfest…. or what we have been calling Oktoberbreast because I have started pumping milk to prepare. I’m pretty excited to get out, have a few beers, and enjoy the company of some wonderful friends πŸ™‚

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