Wow, I can’t believe one month has already gone by. It feels like just yesterday I was bringing this little girl home from the hospital. I know they say time flies and kids grow up faster than you think, but it’s ridiculous to think about her being in my life, in my home, and in my arms for one whole month already. How did that happen? What have we done together? Where did the time go? Ahhh.
I think the biggest difference in Marlowe is her interaction with people. She has become more alert and aware of everyone around her. She now spends more time actively awake and less time in her half asleep state. She is such a good baby. She cries only when necessary… I mean, of course she has some moments where she is a tad bit fussy and just wants to be held, but don’t we all? And really, her fussy moments are far and few between and probably shouldn’t even be counted as ‘fussy’. Marlowes favorite things are mamas boobs, sleeping, dancing with grandma, more of mamas boobs, more sleeping, cuddling in the baby sling, bath time, being held, and more boobs.
Since birth Marlowe has gained a little over two pounds and grown a fair amount. You can definitely feel her weight and size difference when you hold her. She has filled out quite a bit and put on some weight on her cute little baby thighs. She is constantly moving and making noises. I would think she wouldn’t grow so much from all the calorie burning she does with her movement. She squeaks, grunts, and at times, sounds like a dolphin. It’s ridiculous and at the same time, ridiculously cute. She also now has the cutest little belly button ever. 
I love her. I still can’t believe she is really here. She’s a fantastic little human being that I love so much. 
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  1. She is so adorable! I remember when my little girl turned 1 month old, I was so happy! She is going to be 2 months next Thursday and I really can't believe how much she has grown. My little 6lb baby is now 10lbs, its crazy!!! She is also starting to have little conversations with people (of course without real words lol) and starting to find her little voice. They really are a blessing! 🙂

    Little Sugar Monster