I don’t think I ever truly realized what I looked like until I looked at Marlowe. I find myself studying all her little facial expressions, every feature she has, and all her actions and movements. I examine her in a way I’ve never been able to do with myself before. I’ve known what I look like: I am small with brown hair that gets lighter with seasons. I have seen my green eyes that get greener with my clothing choices and more grey with sunshine or tears. I have a nose, a mouth, and an average-smallish body and long fingers and toes. But since Marlowe’s arrival I’ve noticed traits in myself that I’ve never seen before. It’s like I have really realized my nose for the first time and I’ve finally come to understand the shape of my lips. I’ve noticed more the way my face scrunches or the way my eyebrows arch. I can see my complexion with the pink undertones. I’ve heard “She sleeps just like you, or maybe you sleep like a baby”. I’ve noticed I stretch in the mornings the way Marlowe stretches. Or does she stretch like me? I now notice my thousand facial expressions that I’ve always made and I have now really heard the noises I create with certain movements I make or feelings I have. Marlowe has led me to finally see I have a million different features and traits and I am more than just a small girl with brown hair and green eyes.

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  1. great post.
    people often tell me that Lily is so different now from when she was first born but when i look at her, i still see some of the same faces she used to make as a newborn. specially when she sleeps.