Eric came by tonight to drop off a gift for me and a gift for Marlowe. This was of course an incredibly sweet gesture, but even more incredible considering he is sick and has been sick since his return from Kansas. He brought me some flowers “mums for mum” and brought Marlowe a little dolly. The dolly was his when he was a baby and it’s been worn to death. One side is kinda creepy the other is a cute sleepy little face. He’s been so good to both of us. We are some lucky gals.

The other new-old little keepsake in this house is my old little red riding hood lamp. The lamp has been by my bedside in Massachusetts my whole life. Carlitos (my step dad) brought it down while traveling today. It also belonged to my mom when she was growing up. Her grandmother gave it to her when she was around 10 or so. Now it’s Marlowes turn and it sits on her dresser. 
Also: Marlowe got her first real bath tonight.  It went pretty well. Jerry supervised and there was just a few tears. No more sponge baths for this growing girl. 
Unfortunately tonight isn’t going as well. It’s almost 2 in the morning and she is crying up a storm. This is the part where mind reading would be incredibly useful. It’s difficult to feel this helpless. Just gotta keep trying to think of happy thoughts. Mums, babydolls, and belly-free real hugs. 
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  1. oh Drea, that lamp is so beautiful and what great history behind it. Marlowe is such a lucky little girl. hang in there. nights can be tough. remember how she must feel to be out of the belly. it's all so new to her.