Saturday was my first big night out in for-ev-er. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to go out and enjoy a few drinks and have very little to worry about. Here in Florida the smoking laws are terrible so even if I wanted to just go sit with friends while they were out I couldn’t do it while pregnant. Well, I could, but I obviously wouldn’t. So now that my Babycakes is here I decided it would be time to go enjoy a night of Drea time. I made sure to have enough milk to last until the next morning, I bought a can of organic soy formula– JUST IN CASE, I got together some diapers and things, and sent Marlowe on her way to grandmas for a few hours.

Oktoberfest– I probably wont be going back next year, but I definitely had a lot of fun. My mom and Marlowe very kindly dropped Eric and I off (safety first!) not to far from the entrance. As soon as we entered I saw Laura and Adam leaving– I had tried to make it there earlier to meet up with her, but having a baby seems to make things take a lot more time!

The crowd was very interesting. There is a lot of cowboy type people in this area, I’m sure most of which do not have a farm, but just enjoy the boots and hats– and they all seemed to be at the German Club. There was also a lot of older Germans and fun outfits, line dancers, belly dancers, fire dancers, and a ska sounding German band. Eric, Steve, and I drank pitchers of beer and ate pretzels. We took lots of pictures of strangers and drunken pictures of ourselves. It was a good time.

I’m not sure if Eric is pretending I still have my preggo belly here?
John was there.
I made friends with this 70 year old dude with a chicken hat.
Soon after these pictures Steve left and Eric and I waited for my mom and Marlowe to pick us up. 
One of the best parts of the nights:
Wearing jeans and boots again 🙂
And the best best part:
Jumping in the car and seeing this little sleeping girl waiting for me.

I realized how much these past 3 weeks had changed me. Walking around Oktoberfest I found myself looking at little kids and babies when I really didn’t care much for most kids or babies before. I also found myself checking out strollers and just observing parenting in general. I texted my mom constantly for Marlowe updates making sure she was eating alright with a bottle. I plan on going out next weekend to see some bands– Eric and I had this date planned for months now and I cant wait. I’m going to be a dancing fool. Other than that I really don’t plan on going out very much at all now that Marlowe is here. I turned into a pretty big homebody last year, and I usually enjoy it, especially with good company.

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  1. found your blog on top baby blogs! it's super cute! I see you're also in south FL. I am down in Ft. Lauderdale. enjoy the cooler weather with your little one! 🙂

  2. Do you have those strips that test to make sure the booze is out of your system? Lol I only know about this from the kardashian show. Glad you enjoyed some you time! Eric is awesome!