Vegan Chocolate Cashew Protein Shake
I’ve received a fair amount of questions about where I receive my protein… but more specifically, where I found extra protein, while I was pregnant. I eat a fair amount of protein on the day to day, really, you’d be surprised. But when I was pregnant, there were a few extra concerns from people about my choice to continue being vegan and whether or not I would be getting enough protein. My answer: “uh, duh.” In my opinion, I don’t think people need to take in as much protein as they are led to believe. Of course, I’m not a doctor, so don’t listen to me, but I think we all feel pressured to take in a lot more than necessary. I had a really great (vegan) pregnancy. Like, really, really great. I had zero health problems, I felt fantastic much of the time, and had almost no complaints. So when I was pregnant, I didn’t want to risk it, and I made sure to take in extra protein just to make everyone (extra) happy. Well, to make me extra happy, I decided to do it (very often) with this cashew shake. It’s a pretty basic shake, but it’s good for you, super delicious, and has that extra protein you might want or need in your life. Win/win.
-3/4 cup raw cashews (must be raw– roasted would not be delicious. whole or pieces is fine)
-1 cup coconut milk, or your favorite milk alternative. Of course, cow’s milk would be fine too.
-1 tablespoon cocoa powder (sweetened or unsweetened. either is fine, it’s about your taste preference on this one)
-1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of your favorite natural sweetener. Agave works great, vanilla flavored agave is even better. Or even: a yummy homemade vanilla sugar. Amount will depend on the type of cocoa powder you used and how much of a sweet-tooth you have.For extra protein: 
add a scoop of your favorite chocolate or vanilla protein powder
add two tablespoons of peanut butter
add two tablespoons of almond butter, it has double the amount protein to peanut butter!
Optional additives: 
vanilla bean // coconut plus meat plus some of the water // raw cacao // pitted dates
**adding any or all is HIGHLY recommended 🙂
Another variation for you banana lovers (blegh):
add two tablespoons peanut butter, half banana, and another half cup of milk.
Another variation for you coffee lovers: 
blend with coffee ice cubes. Or use half cup (room temperature or cold) coffee, instead of half the milk.
optional: soak cashews in water for a few hours, or even: overnight. It’s not necessary, but it does make the blending process easier
with blender, puree cashews with a little bit of milk. Slowly continue to add more milk, making sure all cashew pieces are completely pureed. Add other ingredients and continue blending, until smooth and thick.
Place in freezer for up to half an hour, or drink as is.
Vegan Chocolate Cashew Protein Shake
Vegan Chocolate Cashew Protein Shake
Okay, let’s pretend we aren’t making this for health reasons, but instead, for indulging: 
add (vegan) chocolate chips.
Vegan Chocolate Cashew Protein Shake
add your favorite (vegan) whipped cream and a plate of (vegan) chocolate chip cookies.
Vegan Chocolate Cashew Protein Shake
and of course: add more chocolate chips. I mean, they’re just sitting there… leftover from your recent cookie making, anyway… right? Life is too short to not to eat handfuls of chocolate chips. (Unless you’re pregnant and your glucose levels are rising, then you gotta be careful! Sorry!)


  1. ummm…this sounds amazing. I just got back from running/working out and I think I'm going to whip that up real quick!

  2. everything you wrote about sounds delicious! i am 34 weeks pregnant and can barely eat a few bites before feeling VERY FULL

  3. Thank you so much! I appreciate the ideas. I made some lentil soup last week and have been plowing through peanut butter 🙂 And I agree about killing for food when pregnant-woman-hunger strikes. I feel like a ravenous animal, sometimes!

  4. this looks so yummy! (sorry for pouncing, i just stumbled on your blog this week.)
    i'm not vegan, but have put forth a real effort in the last year to eat real, whole foods, and get most of my nutrition from natural proteins, fruits & veggies. i have to say that in the past, i've been bothered by the efforts of most processed-soy-eating vegans and vegetarians i've known. i'm very impressed with your complete and healthy vegan meal choices! it's so refreshing. 🙂 please share more ideas and recipes as you find the opportunity!