Marlowe went to her first party last night. It was a pumpkin carving party, but she didn’t carve a pumpkin… neither did I. Mama and baby were both exhausted and gassy. Steve and Kristine had decorated their house and it looked pretty fabulous– I wish I took more pictures of it. I’ll have to go over there and harass them soon and take more. There was good food, good beer, stupid (awesome) t-shirt prizes for pumpkins, and good people.

It’s a bit of a different experience going out with a baby. Luckily Marlowe is very well behaved 99% of the time. I think the biggest difference is just how tired I am…. next is having less free arms to do things and move around. I brought a bottle to feed her and found that sticking her on my boob was much easier. I have such a hard time feeding her with a bottle… I’ve never fed a baby before… and Marlowe is learning how to use it too. We’re trying… but we get messy.

Marlowe, Eric, and I were the first to leave. It’s crazy how things change. I’m happy to still be able to go out though… It’s a little more work, but it’s worth it.

Check out Marlowes sweet new dino hat from Kristine. Way too cute. We like hats. An hour before this I said we should be called The Hat Family…. then she gets a new hat. It’s a sign.
I LOVE Halloween. 
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  1. i love halloween too. looks like a great party. it's so good for you to continue going out with her. but yes, it all changes.