Recipe: Vegan Roasted carrot and butternut squash with ginger soup.
Ps. It makes me so happy Marlowe has no qualms with garlic or ginger!
I love soup– mostly creamy soups, but really, most kinds are delicious. When I first tried cooking– I started with soup. It was and still is one of the easier things to make. I started with a crockpot and tried chilies and lentil soups until I moved onto attempting other soups via stovetop. It is now about 3 or 4 years after my first cooking attempts took place and I’m thinking about finding easy (not necessarily short) food ideas that are newborn babysitting friendly. I think soups might be my best bet. One pot meals that I can leave to simmer when Marlowe decides its wake up time, diaper changing time, or feeding time. I miss cooking and eating. Pregnancy really stole all my cravings and appetite (I don’t understand it either) and now that I’m getting my appetite back (and hopefully my metabolism will come back with it) I really want to try to cook again! I have a list of reasons why I find cooking really difficult right now, like I’m sure most (all) parents do, but that doesn’t mean I cant do it. I’m going to make a genuine effort to get back into the kitchen and get back into the swing of cooking– NOW. It is a must.
Soup above:
Roast carrots and butternut squash in oven at 450 for about 50 minutes or so. Season it as you’d like. I chose salt, pepper, garlic, and red chili flake with a bit of thyme. The chili flake gives an after kick which I find delicious, but it can be a bit spicy. You can skip the chili flake and try a maple or agave glaze for a sweeter soup. In a pot saute about half to a full onion (chopped) in a bit of oil. Once onions, carrot, and butternut squash are cooked and soft combine in pot with veggie stock. Toss in some fresh ginger and puree with your immersion blender or (carefully!) transfer to your blender and blend. And more liquid and keep blending until you reach a consistency you enjoy. Add salt and pepper if needed… and enjoy. Yum.


  1. Hi Andrea! I hope the soup came out delicious! And I hope you had some good bread to accompany it, because I certainly didn't and wish I did.

  2. well Hi Andrea, my name is Andrea too, making your soup tonight, my mouth is watering, keep up the food posts – i use them! xoxo

  3. Haha no I had made it the day before… but it was 6 in the morning and I couldn't eat cause I was feeding babycakes so I was sitting around dreaming about food.

  4. funny, I was going to make roasted delicata or acorn squash soup tonight! Thanks for the ideas.