There was another outing for Marlowe today! Marlowe, my mom, Nicole, and I had a girls day and headed to downtown Delray for Stitch Rock. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people stop and talk to me. “Yes, there’s a baby in there”… “She’s one week old today”…. “Yes, she is tiny”…. “Yes I did pop out a baby recently”… “Yes, she is real and not a doll”…. and so on. It was packed and I’m terrible in crowds. I found myself overwhelmed (to say the least). On top of it all my mom had hijacked my camera and went picture crazy… every time I turned around she was trying to take a picture of Marlowe and I.

“Okay. I think we’ve had enough”.
Lots of people and other babies there. Check out the dude in pink shirt and green sling. Fancy.
It was nice, but between the heat, me still recovering, and all the people there; I didn’t last very long. I was starving and craving some french fries so we went on a stroll for food. I’m a brat and hate most restaurants but we found a newer looking place with a decent looking menu.
Truffle oil fries. Hold the parm.
Some items purchased:
A little friend my mom bought for Marlowe 🙂
And the best part of today…
 A hat for my little Marlowe bear♥ I’ve seen these hats everywhere (online) lately. I adore them. I understand I live in South Florida and a wool hat is not practical, but she’s so adorable it doesn’t matter. Also! There is talk about a little vacation to some slightly colder weather in December. Hopefully this happens, not just because a vacation would be wonderful, but also, because she needs to wear this hat as much as possible.


  1. good for you taking her out to a music event so soon-have to start them young 😉
    my little one was featured on a radio station blog as a littlest concert goer this summer. it was fun to see!

    we have that exact same hat, i love that etsy shop. she looks so cute!

  2. haha. I bought her one of these hats!! They were just too cute. I got the dinosaur one.