My best friend is in town to meet Marlowe! Christine had flown down in August for my babyshower and has now come down to meet the little Babycakes for the first time. She brought the cutest knitted booties ever. I can’t wait for it to get 5 degrees colder! My friend Juan also came by to meet Marlowe! We rarely see each other since he moved to Fort Lauderdale, but I love that kid.
Marlowe looks like a weird little old man. Just sayin’. I still love her..
We went on a stroll for some coffee then stopped by the record store. The weather has been amazing lately. It’s getting much nicer to wear Marlowe in the wrap when its not 90 degrees out. There was actually a baby smaller than Marlowe at the record store when we first walked in! It’s crazy to see the size difference that 2 weeks can make. I tried to take a picture with John, but he refused. He said one day with Marlowe….. Mmmhmm.
A mess of Colombians. 2 full Colombians, 1 half Colombian, and a 1/4 🙂
Afterwards Christine, Marlowe, and I went to Mark and Nicole’s for a little grilling action with the family. It’s the first time Marlowe has been to her Uncle and Aunts house. I have been nervous to take her there because my brothers crazy lover dogs. I must say dinner was one of the better meals I’ve had there. Everything was really really good. Marlowe slept through EVERYTHING. She was only awake the last hour there after ‘Abuela’ & ‘Abuelo’ left.
Eric was there & Mark grilled (his vegetable grilling has gotten substantially better).
Jerry, Bruiser, Cole all stared curiously at Marlowe.
Grilled Veggies topped with ahi, Grilled tofu, a potato dish that was excellent… I forget the name but it translates to something like “dripping potatoes”, and of course guacamole.
And there was this little cone-head. He had surgery on his ear and has been having a hard time healing. I love this little lover.
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  1. YAY for your loved ones meeting your baby Marlowe : ) and what happened to the little guy's ear that he needed surgery? Aww hope he gets better soon!