Eric’s niece, Cassie, likes to draw the best pictures and send them to her favorite (only) uncle. Well, this past round of drawings I got one too! Eric got a text from Sara asking what Cassie should draw and when I received the drawing I was so excited to see I got exactly what I wanted! A cat eating a flower on top of a fish. Perfect. Prrrfect. Ha. I heard she was pretty excited to draw this one.
The joy and excitement some kids find in creating art is amazing. I absolutely cannot wait for Marlowe to begin to create all types of masterpieces. I am a huge kid when it comes to arts and crafts and I constantly want to be doing them with her to ensure her creative juices are always flowing… much like Sara does with Cassie or how my mom did with me. Eric and I are planning a trip to see them this holiday season and I am beyond excited to get up there and have some arts and crafts time with Cassie.

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This picture was for Eric and I may or may not have kidnapped it:

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  1. love it!! i also cannot wait for Lily to hold a pencil/pen without wanting to eat it so we can start drawing and coloring. her granma just got her an easel for her 1st birthday. i'm so excited!