When I was pregnant with Marlowe I spent a lot of time searching online for cute little things she might need. I HATE shopping in stores. I find it incredibly painful to walk around the mall and buy the same things everyone else owns and I hate hate hate crowds. I would have been really happy to have a site like GrowsUp.com to sit and online shop at for hours. I recently found the site and I already found a bunch of cute little things to get for my little Babycakes.

Seriously, as soon as I opened the homepage they won my heart with these ABC Flash Cards.

Amazing right? YES. And it’s not just toys, they have a bunch of cute little clothes, furniture, baby stuff, and tons more. I really can’t stress enough how much I hate buying from mall and chain stores–  It’s seriously so refreshing to find a shopping site based off smaller boutiques. 
Anyway, I know a ton of pregnant people at the moment and I know most of you are out running around trying to find gifts for friends babies and kids, so I thought I would drop this site for you guys to check out 🙂 They even have a nice little filter to make shopping easier or if you are like me and have a little babycakes squirming on your breast.  
Check em out!
Other cute finds from the site: rolling pin, drumming bear, canada map (have to represent!), and my three favorties: (all food related of course) cutting food, cutting bread, and pizza party! 🙂 🙂 🙂
I know, perfect for my interests. 

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  1. Drea-

    I really enjoy your blog and actually after reading today's post I saw over at gilt.com they have the same pizza party for $17…Just wanted to share two bucks is two bucks!