Friday was the Halloween parade in my town. It was approximately a block and a half from my house so why not go? Danielle had stopped by to bring Marlowe a gift from New York and mama some scrap fabric and a Michael Jackson poster (who knows). When Eric randomly showed up we walked down the street for the festivities. The fun (?) thing about my town is that there are so many freaks around that you don’t know if someone is supposed to be in the parade or just kind of jumped in to be in it. 
We met up with Eric’s mom, Heidi and her best friend, Karen. Karen came with the cutest little winter outfits for Marlowe including the little stripped hat that Marlowe used to shield her face with while sleeping <3 It was Marlowes first ever parade and we fell asleep about 5 minutes in and snoozed for the whole event. 
Saturday Eric and I headed to West Palm Beach’s Greenmarket. It was 3 times larger than when I had went to it 2 years ago and it was terrible. I hate the markets that are filled with the same generic stands of goods and things that I don’t need. I feel like I see the same stands of people at every market I go too, in fact I know I have. I want produce! &Not only produce, but organic, delicious produce. If its the same crap I can pick up at any stand in this county then why bother? You know, don’t get me wrong its nice to have a place where the people with their goods can come sell there things, but the market should be at least 50% produce… at least. So about 5 minutes into walking around we bailed and went to get falafel instead.
Afterwards we ran some errands and quickly stopped by Eric’s house to take care of the kitties before heading over to his moms house to make costumes. We made a fabric and glue mess of Heidi’s house, but left with the beginnings of very awesome costumes. She gave Marlowe some fantastic gifts and I received the most delicious homemade fudge. 
puppy swirls.
Afterwards we headed to my house where Eric made breakfast for dinner while I fed Babycakes and sewed together some last minute details for our costumes. My mom came by to give me one more babysitting night before she leaves next weekend. 
We headed out to Moonfest, but without a camera… I’m a very clumsy girl… and hundreds of people + booze + me = things dropping, breaking, spilling. Luckily, our picture was taken and featured in New Times. 
Taken by Monica McGivern
I checked out a few of the other pictures taken, they are all pretty awesome. Check them out HERE. I love how in 99% of the photos everyone has gotten in character and in my photo I just stand there nervously smiling. Heh. But Oskar Blues should sponsor us…. yes? Yes. Just sayin’.  I ran into a fair amount of people I haven’t seen in a good 9 months or so. It’s crazy to not go out in so long and find the same people still doing the same things. I’m pretty content to not do it anymore, but regardless, I had a pretty good time Saturday night. 
And of course:
Marlowes Halloween. Wearing a cute little onesie Eric’s mom made for her 🙂
We have been heading over to Eric’s sunday afternoon/evenings for dinner and hangout time. This Sunday was no different except Eric passed out candy… well, until we ran out and it was mine and Marlowes job to tell the poor kiddos there was none left. Wah. I really love Halloween… it’s going to be incredible when Marlowe is old enough to enjoy it!
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  1. @ Jazmyn Alexandria: the hat was a gift, but I'm pretty sure its from Old Navy.

    Thanks guys 🙂

  2. Love your halloween costume that is so awesome! I wish I was creative like that. Glad you got to go out baby free once more before your mom left. Thats always a treat! 🙂