Marlowes Joovy arrived today. It’s huge. HUGE. Which is great and not so great. Can I carry it? Hardly. Can it move from room to room? It probably wont. I mean, it’ll be great for vacations… but not when traveling alone. And it’s not as tacky looking as all the other ones with all the add-ons. The really good thing is it’s supposed to last for a looong time and will probably be the only one I ever have to buy… I just wish it was lighter. At 5’2″ I really cant carry the heaviest things. Oh well… Marlowe has a sturdy little travel home now. And Marlowe’s diapers also came today! Woo! I can’t wait to order more!

I had a pretty great weekend. It was pretty busy and lacking in blog updates. Picture post tomorrow I’m sure 🙂


  1. eeeep, just saw this post after reading your latest on the photography and this one was recommended as 'other posts you might like'. she is so tiny here! and as adorable as ever. thinking of you two sweet girls today x

  2. that is exactly the one i had on the list when i was pregnant. we never got one.
    it won't seem so big when she gets bigger. 😉
    love all the yellow!

  3. Wow that issss huge! lol. At least you won't be able to worry about her climbing the sides. the generic store brand ones – my daughter has crawled out of them one or a few times. LOL.

  4. lol I love that you "can't wait to order more diapers", like you can't wait for her to fill them up with poop so you can get more.