My mom called me today and told me I should be expecting a surprise gift in the mail. Well, what do you know, 20 minutes later there was a knock on my door and a package at my doorstep! I opened up the package expecting a cute little something for Marlowe, but instead, it was a dress for me! I feel incredibly spoiled right now! What happened was my mom came by one night to watch Marlowe and I hand her an Anthropologie catalog and say: “Find the dress I like”. Of course there are a million beautiful dresses in the catalog, but within 10 minutes she turns the catalog around and goes, “This one”. Psychic. My mom knows me pretty well. It’s awesome. It’s scary how connected we are sometimes. She will call me in the morning with a stomach ache only to find me miserable with a stomach ache as well.
I swear she knew I was pregnant before I did. I had been feeling really odd for a week or two and kept blaming (and really complaining about) my birth control. I told her I was going to go to the doctor to see what I could do about it and she said “They are probably going to give you a pregnancy test”. I responded with, “Thats ridiculous, there’s no way I’m pregnant”. She goes, “Okay, well I’m sure they will do it anyway”. That night I went home and found out I was pregnant. I called her a few days later to admit I was and she responded with, “I know”. I don’t know how she does it. Ah, I love her! Here’s the dress:

(click images to enlarge)
I wanted to take some photos with Marlowe, but my camera died and I’ve misplaced my charger. Womp. Hopefully that turns up soon rather then later.
Marlowe happened to be wearing a matching green dress (now shirt) when the package arrived. What a fun coincidence! 
It fits perfectly! My mom ordered up a size from what I normally wear from Antropologie, and thank goodness she did, there’s no way my boobs would have squeezed into a smaller one. Unfortunately I don’t know how breastfeeding and this dress will work. It will have to be reserved for date nights or outings where I can sit hidden away in a room for feeding time. We’re gonna have to make it work! 
Another package I’m excited about is cloth diapers! I have been wanting to use them. I ordered a few before Marlowe was born and found myself rarely doing it. But I’ve been reading that the trick is to fully invest.. not just do it a little here and there.. you have to fully commit. So I am! I ordered a bunch of the all in one-one size cloth diapers and I am so excited for them to come! Yeah, I never thought I would be excited for a package of diapers to arrive in the mail either 🙂
ANOTHER package (the BEST package) I’m excited about is my (step) sisters baby! It should be arriving anytime now.. literally… any minute! We don’t know if it is a boy or girl, but I’m very excited to find out! Eeeeep. Good luck Carolina! I’m sending you soooo much love! Eeeee 🙂
EDIT: Literally any minute! She just gave birth to a little girl! So excited! Congratulations!
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  1. I L-O-V-E that dress!!! And Marlowe as always is gorgeous!

    I have ordered a few cloth diapers to see which ones I liked and I cant deicide. I heard you have to have a big enough stash since babies go through them so quickly. I just dont know how many to order, or where or what sizes since I would really like to do it starting at birth.

    Cant wait for you to get them so I can see what they look like! 🙂

  2. So happy to hear that the mother-daughter connection transcends age, space, and time. This is what I pray for me and my sweet girl…that we will always stay internally connected forever. How blessed you are. Thank you also, for writing such a beautiful response the other day. Love and Blessings to you and Marlowe! xo

  3. what kind of cloth diapers did you decided to buy? we have bum genius.. and so far, so good :]