After Marlowe and I finished chores around our house we headed over to Eric’s to make lunch and hang out because he was able to work from home today! And this is how it went:

Marlowe hung around on a makeshift bed. 
(Ah, the joys of  newborn… no rolling, moving, or running around yet! I am going to order a playard this week though because I’m sure she’ll be rolling before I know it.)
Happy Eric.
Jerry came too!
I made a pea, lentil, potato indian dish for lunch. 
Working hard for his money.
Marlowe meant to help, but slacked off texting.
Heart nose pup face.
 The puppies and I played fetch in the yard while Eric worked and they got FILTHY.
 Marlowe helped to fold laundry.
&got lost under some skull wear.
&got attacked by the mama monster.
It was a pretty great day. We need more days like this. The end.
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