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  1. a. thank you!
    b. well, I'm colombian and my mom kept pushing and pushing for a spanish name.. or at the very least a spanish middle name. It got annoying. and I told her I was going to name Marlowe "leche" if she didn't leave me alone. Finally one day I told her the name "paloma" thinking she would hate it. I knew what the name meant, but I had never met anyone named Paloma. I had remembered the name from the soap opera Passions I watched years ago (sad, but true). I liked the name a lot, but I hated the association with the TV show… but I told her the name anyway. She loved it. I kept working with other spanish words trying to find the perfect name.. but Paloma just seemed to be the best one…. well, leche still would have been cool, but you know, Paloma is nicer 🙂

    Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!

  2. I just have to comment, having read your blog through (on a longer than intended break from designing!) – A) Marlowe is 3 million types of abslutely adorable and b)Paloma? Why, that's my name too, hee hee! It's pretty rare here in the UK, can I ask where it came from?

    Sorry for the random comment, but I love your blog, your outlook and the sunshine you're passing to the world 🙂 xx