My kid has got a lot of hats! These aren’t even all of them. She has a few of the same ones in different colors. I don’t even own this many hats (anymore)! Most are gifts. Some where handmade by me. Some handmade by friends. Some boring. But most are fan-tas-tic! She didn’t care to wear any hats towards the end of our photo-shoot. But who can blame her… 16 hat try-ons in one sitting. Way to go Babycakes!
1. We love strips. 2. Made by Sara! 3. First hat I made for her. 4. Dino hat. 5. Babybear. 6. A wee bit big. 7. Her newest addition. 8. Reversible. 9. 2$ bargain. 10. Plain jane. 11. Beet juice. 12. For sunny days. 13. Pirate wear. 14. First hat from Grandma 🙂 15. First hat from Grandpa. 16. Oops we fell asleep and our hat is too small.
Eeeeep. I love her.

Pssst. PS. I’ve decided: tomorrow I start sewing again. 


  1. this is the cutest post ever! she looks like your twin in so many of these shots, but I think she looks so much like you/mark/christopher in the bucket hat one! something about that face. t'awwww!

    <3 Katie

  2. awesome hats, awesome pics.
    put them on her now as much as you can before she can reach her head and rip them off!!!

    Lily has the top left one too. i love seeing her in it. she does pretty good, she does rip them off sometimes though. 🙁

  3. i was getting a little self-conscious about how many hats i've collected for my little girl (she's due in jan). now i can see… you can never have too many. yay hats! =)