Two months! I can’t believe it. I feel like it has been soo much longer (this is not a complaint!). And I want to be like “She’s here! She’s here!”, like she was just born. She’s so new and so not new at the same time. I’m confusing, I know. I’m just so excited about her! I can’t believe how much she has grown. People weren’t kidding when they say ‘babies grow fast’. She’s practically doubled in size and weight. She is so much of a little person now as opposed to a little baby. Smiling all the time and so much more interactive. She’s incredibly healthy. She grunts like a truck driver in her sleep. She has the most descriptive facial expressions. She loves to play on mama’s boobs while feeding instead of constantly falling asleep on them. She’s out grown a lot of her little newborn clothes. She’s a few days into cloth diapers and they are working incredibly well and she will definitely be using them until potty training now. She is still strictly breast-fed and formula free! She has the most adorable little pouty face. and I love squeezing her little butt and giving her a million kisses. I’m so thankful for this little Babycakes. She is such a little two month ball of joy. 
Yeah, I totally love her. 


  1. Its a beautiful thing, this motherhood.
    Like they say, dont blink. They just grow so fast, too fast sometimes.
    Congrats on a happy, healthy, two monther!!

  2. she is just about the sweetest little babe i've ever seen! Violet is 15 months old, I would do anything go to back to 2 months for at least one day

  3. marlowe is beautiful!

    the first picture that you posted of her looks JUST like you.