This weekend was high in fun and food, but low in pictures. Fortunately, I made up for my lack of pictures on Monday. Friday Eric and I ran some errands and I made a tomato soup and grilled cheese dinner. I have no pictures to prove we did any of this, but we did and it was fun and delicious. Saturday we did a whole foods trip to buy food for a Saturday bbq and for a Sunday dinner. The weather was perfect and we spent the day at Eric’s house preparing some food and things.
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The beginnings of my healthy veggie mac and cheese. It didn’t come out as good as it normally does because I added some extra things I found around Eric’s house. But it was still pretty good. We also had a bunch of roasted veggies and some not-vegan-friendly things. I swear I’m posting the recipe soon.
“You look depressed”
“Do I?”
One of the only pictures from this night. I intentionally left my camera on the table all night to take pictures but I failed miserably. Kristine, Fabian, and some other people were there. I have no pictures to prove it, but Kristine looked nice. Take my word for it.

On Sunday Eric and I (just I) prepared some food to bring over to his folks house for dinner. Eric made a deal with his mom where she would come by and help clean his floors and in return he would make dinner. I made a lemon garlic dressing for artichoke roasting in and I made a pesto for pasta.

While I cooked Eric took care of his yard and rescued his cat.
Monday was filled with sewing and errands. I want to start my Etsy site soon so I have been (very slowly) working on projects when I find time throughout the day. Monday was also pizza day! Eric and I (and Mark and Nicole) have been guilty of going to Pizzeria Oceano on a weekly basis this month. On the way to pick up Eric my brother calls:
“What are you doing?”
Me: “I may or may not be going to pick up Eric to go to pizza. What are you doing?”
Mark: “I may or may not also be going to pizza. I just saw your post on facebook. I’ll see you there”.
It was a pretty nice night. Eric and I (and obviously Marlowe) met up with Fabian and Kim and sat at the table next to Mark and Nicole. And Marlowe was awake for the first time ever at Pizza!
Carefully planning our meal.
Two ‘panzanellas’ and one warm olive dish to start.
 One ‘soupie’, one ‘black and white’, and one ‘rosa’.
 I brought Marlowe in the baby wrap, but she was very awake and wanted to hang out with her favorite Aunt and play with her favorite uncle. Shortly after Marlowe fell asleep and I placed her in the car seat to avoid spilling my dinner on top of her head (smart move on my behalf).
This awesome dog was there.
Truer words were never spoken.


It was definitely a delicious and fun weekend 🙂