***so this is an old post, obviously. But to help not confuse new readers who might stumble upon this I’m going to insert a few words ๐Ÿ˜‰ Eric is great, obviously. But we’re not together anymore, obviously. We are friends— good friends. And Marlowe and I are still very lucky ladies to have him in our life— no matter what type of relationship we have.

I have recieved a fair share of emails and a few comments from readers asking: “Who is Eric?” I’ve been asked if he is my significant other, family, or a friend. And with so many of my posts mentioning him and more than half my pictures including him it’s no surprise that he is a pretty important person in my life. So, yes to all of the above. Eric is: my boyfriend. I consider him my signifcant other, family, and a friend.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite a while now, but I’ve been pretty hesitant about all of it. At first my reasoning for not writing was: I have to be sure about Eric’s place in my life– with me, and especially when Marlowe is here. Okay, well, I’ve been sure for a while now… so then what? I’m not sure. I think I’ve just been nervous and shy about all of it. I’m nervous that I’ll put all my feelings out there for the world to see and something bad will happen. Yes, it’s silly, I know. I’m not going to write a whole loving post and have him randomly break my heart the next day, but sometimes my logic isn’t the best and I get scared. It’s time to move past my silly insecurities and talk about who Eric is to me. Feel free to skip this whole post if sappy lovey stories aren’t your thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Eric is amazing. A-maz-ing. In him, I found an incredible partner when I wanted it the least. After Marlowes father had left the last thing I wanted was a boyfriend. I wanted to really go at this pregnancy/motherhood thing alone and not put my trust in anyone, and yet I found myself being pregnant and being asked out by quite a few guys/guy friends. I was not flattered. My whole situation made me a bit cycnical and even more closed off than usual. I pushed everyone away. But Eric wasn’t like the other guys I knew. He knew I did not want a boyfriend and was perfectly fine hanging out and making the best of whatever little I had to offer. It was such a nice relief to not feel any extra pressure, and instead have a caring individual/friend I could spend my time with. Before I knew it I was heading to his house every other night just to eat dinner and sit on his couch to watch TV. Sadly, part of the reason I went to his house more than anyone else’s was the fact that he lived 1.5 miles from my brother– I’m lazy, but whatever my laziness led to something awesome ๐Ÿ™‚
I joke (but its true).. Eric must really care for me… becuase he obviously wasnt going after me for: my good looks (yes my boobs got bigger, but they came with a matching belly), my loads of money, sex, my awesome house, or because I’m fun to drink with. None of these things came with this newly pregnant single mom. But we were able to spend quality time together really getting to know each other on a much better level. And what he got was me– a stubborn, closed off woman who would continue to be scared and push him away every so often.

And what did I get? The most loving, caring, and giving person. I got someone who is constantly making me smile and laugh. I’ve known Eric for a little while now, we would occasionally meet up for a drink if I was in town, but I can’t say I ever really knew who he was. I always just figured him to be a fun guy to hang out with, and he was, but he turned out to be so much more than I ever imagined. Eric has the biggest heart imaginable. He loves doing the sweetest gestures I’ve always wanted. He makes me mixed CD’s, or brings me a plant (becuase “flowers die”), and best of all he tells me I’m beautiful everyday. Now what girl doesn’t love that? Even when I was pregnant, tired, and I looked and felt misreable he would make me feel incredibly special. I’ve always heard the best relationships are with people who bring out the best in you, but I don’t know if I’ve ever truly had that until now. He really and truly brings out the best in me. Eric makes me happy. I smile more than I ever have before. I laugh constantly. I look forward to so much with him. He comes from one of the most loving families I have ever met. They too, have welcomed Marlowe and I into their lives and have brought us so much joy. He treats Marlowe better than I ever could have asked for– better than most biological fathers treat their own children. He has been there for her before she was even born. He made sure to take care of me (as much as I would let him) helping me to have an easier pregnancy. He talked to Marlowe more than I did while I was pregnant with her. He felt her kick and heard her heartbeat. He was at the hospital with my family, waiting for her arrival and has been there for her ever since. I could not ask for more. Eric is the perfect example of how incredible, amazing things can come from the worst situations. I love him. I cannot describe how incredibly lucky I feel every single day to have him in my life. I love him. I love him.


  1. I came here from Bridget's blog and I just wanted to say that I have an Eric too. He came to me when my baby boy was 9 months old and my husband had just moved out. Of course, like you, another relationship was the last thing I wanted. But it was meant to be, baby boy called him Dad and we were married a year and a half later. That was 9 years ago. I'm so happy you have an Eric too. Good luck!

  2. I read your guest post on Dear Baby, hopped over to follow, and ended up at this post which brought a tear to my eye ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love is such a beautiful thing and it always finds us when we least expect to be found.

  3. I stumbled across your blog through Eric's Facebook status, and have been reading for an hour now. Great stuff! But it was 'the eric' post that made me HAVE to comment.
    I've known Eric since 6th grade; we were best buds during those awkward middle school years. He was then and is now sweet, caring, funny and unique. You have found a wonderful man, and he in turn has found a wonderful person in you, and a treasure in Marlow.
    And aren't his parents awesome?!
    You are all very blessed… enjoy what life has to offer!

  4. I stumbled across your blog through one of Eric's Facebook posts, and have been reading for an hour now. It's great! This particular one sealed the deal for me and I have to comment…
    I've known Eric since the 6th grade; even then he was kind, caring, fun, and unique. We wer best buds during those awkward middle school yearts. He is a wonderful guy and he found a wonderful person in you, and a bundle of joy in Marlow.
    You all are very blessed… enjoy!

  5. i figured as much. (that Eric is your boyfriend) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    he seems like a great guy.
    i truly believe that in life, negative people make room for positive people. such is the case with your ex.

  6. Awesome Post, Drea. Its hard to find a good guy these days, but to find one who not only loves you, but your child, is something quite extraordinary.

  7. I have to admit, I'd been wondering. ๐Ÿ™‚ So good for you and Marlowe to have a such wonderful man like Eric in your lives. You are blessed!

  8. Hi! Not sure if i ever commented but i just love your blog. Marlowe is seriously the cutest little girl, who by the way looks EXACTLY like you. I always wondered who Eric was also. I always thought that he would be such a great guy for you and Marlowe just by the words you wrote about him and the love that i witnessed when looking at your pictures. Im so happy you shared this story with us, and im so happy you found someone so wonderful. <3

  9. this is the first post that i have read from your blog and it made me smile. i am so happy for you that you have someone so great and loving in your life. he sounds like a keeper!

  10. I've read your blog for a month or two but have never commented. This post gave me goosebumps. I'm glad you got so lucky with him, and both of you ladies are lucky to have him it seems like! I'm sure he is blessed to have both of you as well.

  11. I guess you never know what will happen. What a great story. I think this will touch a lot of hearts…and maybe what we don't talk about as a society is how women are often left by the father of their child/children…and that life can and does go on. We are powerful beings and are loveable no matter what. What we don't talk about is single pregnant women and mommies and the men that ARE there and the men that love them.
    Kudos to Eric…a brave, loving, man.

  12. i have to admit i almost posted a "who is eric?" comment but thought it would be rude. i love seeing happy couples and he seems like such a keeper. good for all 3 of you!

  13. Awww! This was too sweet : ) whether you would have explained who he was to us, I think we all saw the big picture "That Eric guy really cares about them." Because it seeps through the screen with every time that he was mentioned. Thanks for sharing!