I have so many thing I want to blog about but I’ve been so incredibly busy. I haven’t even had time to open my computer and check out the internet. I want to post pictures of awesome things Marlowe received for Christmas, such as giraffe things, books books books, wooden toys, organic toys, and lots of other things. I want to do another hat post… yes another hat post (she has THAT many hats). I want to do a post about the fun things I’ve received. And last, but not least I want to do a post about the Christmas gift we made everyone… but all this will have to wait until we return from Atlanta.For now: A bowling post.

After all the Christmas madness a few of us decided to get together to do Pizzeria Oceano and a bowling night. Unfortunately, it was too cold for pizza and we ended up at sushi. After sushi we were onto bowling! I did not win. Steve did. BUT considering I bowl about once (MAYBE twice) a year, I did pretty good. It was cold. We attempted games. I had a lot of fun.


Like I’ve already said, I’ve been so incredibly busy– it hasn’t been very exciting. After all the chaos of cleaning, organizing, packing today we managed a pre-Atlanta dinner/gift exchange at Steve and Kristine’s house. Steve made a delicious sweet potato with kale soup and focaccia. Marlowe got a Monsters record– so she will never be scared of monsters. I got a shirt spray painted to say “Nom Mom”– awesome. And a subscription to Sunset Magazine. Eric got some neat tools and more geeky cookware 🙂

Well, now its wind down time. Tomorrow will be an adventurous day, as it is my first time in Atlanta. I am very very excited…. mostly for the aquarium and vegan soul food. Yessssssss!


  1. @antoinette: I plan on raising Marlowe with a vegan lifestyle until she is old enough to understand what eating meat really is. Once she is old enough I plan on taking her to a farm to show her where meat, cheese, eggs, etc comes from. After that she will be able to make her own decision about whether she will eat meat or not. If she chooses to eat meat she will then only have hormone and antibiotic free and preferably free range– i never want her to eat crap factory meat.

    @Deanna: Agreed. The plate is awesome. Hence the picture. Love it.

    @Gabriella: Marlowes biological father is in New York. We split up about two weeks after I found out I was pregnant and he moved up there when I was about 4 months pregnant. He wanted nothing to do with me or her, but now claims he will be part of her life from New York.

    @Miss Cindia: The soup was delicious! Steve is a great cook. &You should get a pair! They are pretty pricey, but the workmanship and awesomenes make it totally worth it.

    @Kalani: Totally doing kid bowling league.

    @Nikki: Bowling pregnant is hard. It makes you very off balanced, but its not impossible. I got second place the only time I played pregnant!

    @Claudia: Thank you thank you 🙂

  2. Weren't you killing it when you were pregnant? Maybe Marlowe is the one with the bowling mojo? I can see her now – a little bowling shirt and shoes – in a kids bowling league!

  3. Geeky cookware is pretty cool! The soup looks delish and have fun in the ATL. Oh.. And your shoes, have grown on me, I want a pair 🙁

  4. I just started reading your blog and I think its great!! I was just wondering, where is Marlowe"s real Dad?


  5. i know this a personal question and you may not want to reply in such a public place- if at all- but i will ask anyway. How are you going to bring your daughter up in regards to food?