The local breakfast joint around here opens its door Friday nights and offers authentic Indian food. It’s awesome. Eric and I walked a whole 2 blocks to meet up with some friends there. It was pretty great to sit outside with this little “cold front” that came in. I want to attempt to make samosas soon. Also, I forgot to mention I found the recipe for the curried brussels sprouts the other night from . I found the site the first time the other night, so far the recipes all looked pretty delicious. Nom. I love Indian food.

Other fun adventures from today included: The photoshoot Marlowe and I won. Attempting to walk down the street with a stroller carrying a baby, Jerry, and eating a peanut butter sandwich. Starbucks with Anita and Kristine, Taco Lady, Chocolate covered pretzel sticks, and Top 5 Records.

It’s Art Basel this week in Miami so we are taking a (very mini) road trip south to check out some art. Mostly because I really want to check out the Friends With You installation. I also plan on heading to the raw-vegan market I used to go to every saturday and maybe some of my old favorite restaurants. I am excited– very very excited.


  1. I smiled a lot when I found Jerry in the stroller, aww he seems like such a good boy, my dog would've had a fit and 1/2 lol. Glad you had such a good time!

  2. did you make it down? what did you think of rainbow city? we were there again this morning so Lily could see it in the daylight.

  3. Thanks for the curried brussel sprout link! Going to try that this week.

    -Carey @