There hasn’t been much action around here lately. We haven’t really left the house or been picture taking ready with all the cold and boogers going on. If its not me then its Marlowe with boogers hanging out of her nose. We did manage to finally make a much needed grocery trip and stock up on things last night. I made sure to grab some eucalyptus oil to put in my humidifier. Mmmm.

Marlowe doesn’t fit in her basket anymore and has been sleeping in the bed with me. I’m kinda sad about the basket thing, she is growing so fast. 0 to 4 months– yeah right basket making people, yeah right. She is a pretty big girl though. I had to change the strap setting on her car seat today. I was a little sad while doing it. I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. But I’m glad she’s still a cuddly little girl.

We had a little heat mishap yesterday– it would not shut off. I was in shorts and a tank top while Marlowe was in her little diapers and socks all day. It was hot hot hot. 80 something degrees in here! My dad came by to check it out because he is ridiculously handy, and although he could pinpoint the problem, he couldn’t fix it. So later that day Larry (Eric’s dad) came by to fix it making sure Marlowe and I wouldn’t freeze or melt to death. It’s really good to know that there are some handy men around to call when Marlowe and I need some help in this girly household.

Some other exciting news is my mom is flying down tonight! She only told me two days ago, but apparently everyone else knew for a few weeks. She was planning on surprising me, but blew her own surprise. Way to go mom. Unfortunately, she will only be here ’til Sunday. Bummer. She’s going to freak when she feels and sees how much Marlowe has grown.

In case you haven’t heard we’ve been having a ridiculous cold front here in Florida— Like, Cover your plants and small children cold. It’s been down to the high 20’s. I know everyone in the northeast and everywhere else has been in zero and negative temps, but man, this is cold for Florida. Luckily, Marlowe and I have been snuggled up inside and I have this multifunction to keep me warm.

Why, yes, it is all red and raw under my nose from being sick.
Grab a dog, make it a headband.

Everyone knows my money supply is at zero so I’ve been hoping to make some Christmas gifts this year… at least for the little ones in my family, but I’ve been really slacking. It’s pretty pathetic. So far the only thing I’ve accomplished is: two (really ill planned— not planned at all) rolled up colored pencil holders. One for Cassie and one for Sofia. I’m not sure what else I’m going to be making. Hats for two of my cousins…. but I don’t know what else. I feel like a craft failure right now. I don’t even have anything for Marlowe. I know she will have no memory of this Christmas, but I would still like to make her something sentimental. I’m sure I’ll do an ornament of some sort, but hopefully I can find the time to make something else. 
Well, while Marlowe continues to loudly snore I’m going to try to clean up myself and my house. I hope everyone is keeping warm everywhere this winter. If you’re not, I recommend you grab a baby, dog, or hat. If you can grab all three its even better. 


  1. @miss cindia: thanks! I'll eventually be selling stuff on an etsy site. *new years resolution*

    @claudia: hope you guys are enjoying the snow! and yes, we are feeling a ton better 🙂

    @hannah: enough world traveling. coming home? I miss you.

  2. Drea I saw some just like these at a little booth at a Christmas market in Paris and thought of you.

  3. i'm glad you are feeling a little better. love the pencil cases. those are awesome.
    you think it's cold there? we are in wv now. it's 4 degrees out right now. bbbrrrrrrrrr