Yesterday was much better then the day before. Marlowe was a much happier little clam. We ended up at Pizzeria and then worked on our surprise Christmas gifts for everyone. I’m beyond excited with how they are coming out. I can’t wait to show all of you!

Today I said goodbye to my Lake Worth home! Well…. until next year. It looks like we are ringing in the new year in Atlanta. I’m so incredibly excited. Eric and I stopped by the record shop on my way out to pick up a stroller Johns friend was giving away. It needs to be cleaned up a bit from sitting in a garage, but its not to shabby 🙂


In other news, I guess someone different then before has decided to use my pictures and claim them as their own. This time its a little bit more… creepy? No, maybe not creepy, just really really weird. I’m not really angry, I mean, I know I am the one who chose to put my life on the internet. I’m sure this whole stealing pictures thing is quite common among blogging and whatever…. especially with celebrities and that sort of thing. I guess I just never thought anyone would really care to do it with my life. My life isn’t that exciting or different than anyone else’s. Maybe I should be flattered?  Who knows. Like I said, it doesn’t concern me too much. I guess the picture stealing thing last time kind of prepared me for this sort of thing. Whatever, it’s the internet, I’m sure it’s full of sad, boring, and pathetic people that like to pretend their lives are something more than what they’ve got. I’ve got more important things to worry about and a real life to live!

Really though, this is what I think about that:
Womp. Load of crap.
I’m going to try to keep up with blogging as much as I can, but with the Holidays and traveling who knows how much spare time I will have. I’m sure I’ll be posting a bunch though. Especially when I return from Atlanta. Happy Christmas Eve-eve/Happy Festivus/Happy Holidays Everyone!

PS. Thank you guys so much for your kind responses! Baby boobs unite! I ended up ordering a Breastflow bottle. It seems to work better than her usual bottles. We’ve only tried it put pnce, but I think with a bit more practice we will be on our way to better bottle feedings 🙂 Thanks again <3 You guys are great!

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