I’m not a lazy person, I’m really not.. I like to be doing things constantly, it’s just a little more difficult with Marlowe here. And things certainly move to a back burner when Marlowe needs or wants something. (She obviously comes before everything and anything.) But sometimes timing and creativity work perfectly to give me a free hour to make something happen. That happened today. Eric mentioned that Pizzeria Oceano was having a toy drive for sheltered dogs, now, I didn’t have money to buy any doggie toys, but I did have an idea. When I found Jerry at the pound one of the things that first struck me was his cute little bandana he was wearing. Well, actually… it wasn’t that cute… It was a dirty budweiser one, but regardless, it was still cute he was wearing one. So today, I decided to make a bunch of little bandanas to donate to the shelter.

Isn’t he the most handsome model? 
I only made two styles, but a whole array of sizes. I’m going to try to make some bigger ones if I get the chance, because I know bigger dogs tend to be a harder sell at the shelter. 
Speaking of homemade things… Heidi made Marlowe another matching pj set. I don’t think I ever posted a picture of the first one, but it’s just as cute with the matching onesie, pants, and burp cloth. Thank you Heidi! 
(Also, thank you for the brownies! I’m glad I lost the baby weight instantly without working out or anything, if I hadn’t I would be very mad at all the sweets… I did tell myself no more sweets once Marlowe was born… heh. Oops.)
Check out her shop: Handmades By Heidi


  1. Aww that's a great idea! To make scarves for the sheltered dogs! I'm sure they'll love them. How old was Jerry when you adopted him?