I’m back! The surgery was much harder than I imagined it would be. I had a very very hard time keeping my eyes straight to focus on the light. What can I say, I have extremely sensitive eyes… I mean, that is why I wanted to get the procedure done in the first place. Well, one of MANY reasons. After the procedure I even heard one of the nurses in the hallway say “She has really light eyes, She is going to have a REALLY hard time”. I’m pretty upset I didn’t bring my camera. People were able to watch outside the glass and there was even a camera focused close-up on my eye as they did the procedure. I would have loved to have pictures of it! Oh well, next time (ha ha). My mom was there to take care of Marlowe while I got it done and my dad came for moral support which was really nice of him. I did have pretty high anxiety while laying on the operating chair, even after the anxiety medication they gave me. I’m really not good in claustrophobic situations. I could hardly open my eyes when it was all over with. It was painful. I went home to take a nap and woke up with still very sensitive eyes. I had to wear sunglasses inside– at night. And just as I suspected: it was a terribly boring night. I was home alone, unable to be on my computer or read a book or anything. Once Marlowe was asleep I was bored out of my mind sitting on my bed with nothing to do. But I mean, I can’t really bitch, after all it was one night out of my life…. and now for the rest of my life (or at least until I’m much older) I will have great vision! I woke up the morning with 20/15 vision. Incredible. Everything is still a bit hazy and all the lights have halos on them… especially at night, but that will all clear  up over time. I also got left with these pretty ridiculous red spots which I am told will grow before they shrink. Meh, temporary details. I woke up early yesterday morning to drive to my post-op appointment and I felt incredible. Everything was so crisp and clear. I wanted to drive with the windows open enjoy the air and clear sky! It sounds cheesy, but I don’t care. It really was an incredible feeling. I’m so lucky and grateful for the generous gift my dad gave me.


  1. Dr. Katzen. He's got an office in Boynton & West Palm. I went to Boynton. His staff was incredible. 🙂

  2. Hi drea! I was wondering whether you'd give the name of the doctor you went to. I'm still on the search.
    Side note, you babe is adorbs.

  3. @Jazmyn: I don't think I'll be driving at night for a while now the blurs from the lights are crazy! (thats only temporary though). It is a cute little town. Not a whole lot to do unless you like smokey bars or bar food though, but def. nice to walk around during the day.

    @Deanna: If you wear contacts then its worth the cost for sure. I know its super pricey, but most, if not all, places allow you to finance it. Once Dailies upped my price to $600+ a year for contacts I said F that. It's really fantastic to wake up and see clearly.

    @Kathleen: I love the cloth diapers! For now, her poop doesn't smell bad so there has been no problems whatsoever. Once she's a stinker I can imagine it being slightly more of a nuisance to go out with her in them… but I still imagine it would be worth it. I felt awful with the amount of diaper trash I was taking out when using disposables.

    @claudia: YAY YAY YAY! Thanks 🙂

    @Nic. Next time I'm going to start heading most east and screaming your name.

  4. 🙂 the bike and the truck are on my street!
    totally jealous of 20/15 vision, btw.

  5. happy to hear surgery went well. it must be so great to clearly see, little things we take for granted.

    the chick pea salad on toast looks delish.

    yay for Marlowe sleeping so well!

  6. I had that stroller too, I loved it. It's so easy to get your little one in and out of the car. By the way, how are cloth diapers going for you?

  7. i'm so jealous! i've worn glasses or contacts since the second grade, and i really hope i can have lasik sometime in the near future. my night vision is so bad right now, and i'm only 26. maybe a future income tax return or something. 🙂

  8. Wow I'd be so scared to have surgery done on my eyes!! I have horrible vision though haha, I really do hate driving because of it, especially at night.
    Also I wish I lived somewhere where I could just walk around town like that. That would be so fun.

    The Sweetest Life