Holy moly. Four months already. Can you believe it? No? Neither can I. Time keeps going by so incredibly fast. This has been a pretty big month for Miss Marlowe Paloma. The sweet little easy going baby I once had is gone and she has been replaced with a fussy crying teething cranky pants. She is much more active and attentive now. Alert and responsive. She always wants to sit up or stand and will not be happy unless she is within arms reach of something she can put in her mouth. She sleeps in her crib until the early morning (with a few feedings in between) when I bring her back to my bed. She still hates the bottle. Turns her head to eat when I am just trying to cuddle with her. And when she wants boob she wants it: Now Now Now. She loves (eating) her toys. She will stand up on her own (with the biggest smile) when you grab her two little hands. She rolled over for the first time: TODAY. Her hair is growing. Her eyes are always changing— from blue to brown and back to blue again. One of the things I hoped for most happened this past month: she found her feet. Time kept going by and I feared she would never find them, but this past week she did and the both of us couldn’t be happier. She grunts in frustration trying to pull them closer to her mouth and I smile every time at the cuteness. Oh, and her feet are freakishly large. She is either going to be a tall (much taller than her tiny mama) one or have to grow into those puppies.

ohdeardrea four months solo
ohdeardrea four months
ohdeardrea four months smiles
ohdeardrea four months back
ohdeardrea four months upside down
ohdeardrea four months
ohdeardrea four months
ohdeardrea four months
ohdeardrea four months
ohdeardrea four months frustration
ohdeardrea four months face time
ohdeardrea four months come here
ohdeardrea four months curiosity
ohdeardrea four months sitting
ohdeardrea four months cuteness
ohdeardrea four months old


  1. Thank you! They do grow SO FAST! It's crazy!

    @Kathleen- Isn't it funny how our childhood things are now vintage? But yes, I guess it is! It was my friend Danielle's from when she was a baby 🙂

  2. happy 4 months!!! doesn't time fly when you are watching someone grow? sounds like she is doing great! doing all the things she is supposed to be doing. just beautiful. congrats!!

  3. adorable! it's so amazing how fast babies grow! 🙂 happy 4 months to baby and you!
    -carey @yellowsquarelove.com

  4. Drea she is just way too cute. And so expressive. Her little face portrays her emotions so well. The little squinty face was my favorite. Happy 4 months Miss Marlowe

  5. too cute! is that first outfit vintage?? I am almost 110% sure I wore that same thing when I was little