Well, I chopped my hair.
It’s not nearly as short as I wanted it, but the hairdresser did her best to convince me I wouldn’t be happy with a shorter cut (gotta respect her honesty). My hair is thick THICK. Every hair stylist I’ve ever been to has commented on the amount of hair I have. She said it would be really hard to maintain and it would look pretty bad cutting it as short as I would like. Maybe she was right. I don’t know. I told her, either way I wanted it gone, and I wanted something I could no longer put in a ponytail. So after about 5 “Are you sure(s)?” she took the scissors to it and cut off probably about 7 inches in the back (it’s much shorter in the back than in the front). I don’t feel empowered like I thought I would. I almost feel indifferent. Whatever– I like it. I don’t love it. It’s a change, and its short, so I guess I’m happy I did it— and hey, on the plus sides:  I’m forced to wear my hair down, I’ll save money on shampoo (that makes it eco-friendly, right?), Marlowe will not be pulling all of it out anymore, it still looks cute with a hat on my head— I’m really happy bout that. Hip hip hooray.

see new hair pictures: HERE

I’ll be posting a ton more photos tomorrow morning cause right now I am a VERY tired mama! 


  1. Awesome! No glasses and new haircut… I love mini makeovers. It looks like a great length for you, too!

    I'm inspired to finally get my new glasses and color my hair! I've been putting it off for months.


  2. it looks great! new mommies must think alike–i just chopped mine, too… and wasn't brave enough to go the full-on super-short route. but you're so right about less product & less baby-hair-pulling potential. love!