I drove out west today to drop off some legal documents and while out there I decided to make a much needed quick run into Whole Foods to grab a few feel-better snacks! A chocolate chip cookie the size of Marlowes head and a kombucha did just the trick. And to make today even better, Marlowe decided crab walking would be her new mode of transportation. She did this right into my lap over and over again all afternoon. And now this very worn out little girl is snugggled up sleeping next to me while I finish up the parent/divorce quiz. A few snacks and an adorable babycakes are the best way to make any day better!

Also, here is a short and cute video I took of drooling Marlowe with my phone yesterday 🙂 It makes me giggle every time I see it 🙂
Also, I decided I would have a GIVEAWAY for every 100 followers ohdeardrea gains. Maybe an apron? I’m not sure what the first giveaway will be yet, but it’s gotta be something fun! Suggestions are more than welcome! Only 2 more followers and I’m gonna have to have a little craft time for ohdeardrea 🙂
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  1. @Carey – Bum genius 4.0. I like them a lot. I tried 2 different kinds, but I like these best so far. I'd recommend them 🙂

    @hanamon – post pictures! I love to see little homemade things!

    @claudia – I cant! BUT I'll make you a deal, if you win the giveaway I will send give you one since you only live an hour or so away.

  2. Your daughter is gorgeous, I love what you dress her in. I have a three month old daughter & am currently in the process of knitting/sewing up a storm of a wardrobe for her. I love seeing/reading your little stories each day.

  3. Marlowe is a strong little lady! Look at that back bend already!

    Ps. What brand diapers are you using?
    -Carey @yellowsquarelove

  4. @aura – Thank you! &my mouth thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

    @tales of a young mamma – that was fast! looks like I need to think of a giveaway!